Sailing has never been easy. Not today, not the hundreds of years ago. The first sailing vessels have been made many thousands ago, and even written about in different epics like Odysseus. Until recently, all the ships were made exclusively from wood, powered by wind and rowers. This has made them so vulnerable that thousands of ships were sinking here and there every year. For a hungry traveler though, an opportunity to reach a new land would always outweigh all the possible risks and turn into a thrilling experience.

Nowadays the things have changed a lot. Since the time they have built Manowars plated with iron, the epoch of wooden ships has ended. Now most of the ships have lots of electronic tools and are powered from the diesel engines; however, they still remain vulnerable to the harsh weather conditions and the attacks of the pirates. This is especially applicable in the African and Indian regions, where the weather is full of surprise.

A lot of vessels though, still rely on the good old power of wind, saving plenty of energy, though not very much useful for long distance travelling, as the winds have a tendency to change the direction. In order to utilize the power of wind, the vessels are supplied with sails, usually made of heavy duty tarps. Tarps are a very cool material, in a sense. Although made from typical linen cloth, they don’t burn and don’t rot, and even get wet when exposed to heavy rain pouring.

One of the tarps’ secrets are the unique technological process, which assume soaking it in a special compound. This compound would be responsible for all the acquired properties. Maybe today tarps aren’t that important, but hundreds of years ago they were quite strategic, as without tarps there could be no seafaring. Some people even used it as cloth, though it was never a good clothing. It did have its advantages such as protection from rain and relative ease of washing, but it was extremely uncomfortable, especially if being worn the whole day.

A lot of people make their own boats, which would be equipped with sails, but this is being done more like for fun, rather than out of necessity. Maybe you could also make your own boat, if you lived on some island. Well at least now you know what to start with.